This Monday lectures started, and while it was hard to drag myself out of bed for my 9 am Monday morning lecture, I was extremely excited to re-commence on the busy student life. This term I am doing “Selected Themes in Renaissance and Baroque Art” with focus on Rome and how humans engage and interact with the city space, and “Art and Politics: Art Since the 1960s”, paying attention to the artists’s critical examination of mass culture and spectacle, public space and experimental social relations. I am also doing both my Material Studies courses this term, which are “The Care and Conservation of Works of Art” and “The History, Characteristics and Analysis of Paint”. The lectures have been amazing so far, and I am actually excited to get back into total geek-mode and begin my research in preparation for this term’s 4 essays.

This week, in between running to lectures and getting into the routine of a 2nd year student, I have spent most of my spare time with my two lovely friends Ditta and Helenur who are visiting me all the way from Norway! Yesterday I took them to see the autumn in Regent’s Park, the second largest and the most beautiful park in London, which happens to be located only 2 minutes away from my new flat! (I can’t believe my luck!).

Me and Dittaru:

Helenur and Dittaru:

A squirrel hoping for food:

Japanese garden:

Beautiful red tree: