British universities start extremely late compared to Norwegian and American universities, and as hell isn’t breaking loose until Monday 4th, I have been busy socializing, ordering IKEA furnitures, running errands to the bank, signing up for Chinese evening classes, acquiring vital documents from the UCL student records office and fought the Camden Council to be exempted from paying council tax (as we are students).

As my shelves and drawers won’t be delivered until the 7th, my room is a complete, utter chaos, and it is driving my little head insane:

(You are still not getting a house tour until my room is sorted out).

Somewhere in the mess I managed to accommodate my dad and an inflatable mattress for a night:

Today I went on a short day trip to Oxford to enjoy a Chinese family buffet with my dad and my English family:

My grandma happily posing in front of her new TV:

My dad and I:

Jemima and Ben – two out of eight cousins in England:

(I am often told that Jemima and I look like sisters. Well, basically the eight of us are all a bunch of half-Asians, so that might be the reason).

Ok, I am off to bed now. I have Ditta and Helenur coming over from Norway tomorrow to stay with me for a week, so there are lots of things that need to be sorted out before they come. Such as doing the readings for Monday’s first material studies lecture…

But I love being a busy body.