Been in London for four days now, and I am still taking everything in and trying to re-experience the city to get to know it all over again. The first morning when I woke up in my new flat I was completely disoriented, wondering who the hell’s flat I had ended up in. Then I realized it was mine, Valerie and Ewa’s. We have our very own cute little flat in the middle of London, and it feels so great I am still trying to grasp it.

I will give you all a house tour once I have received and assembled my furniture from IKEA and all of our storage boxes are out of the way. In the meantime, I will show you some pictures from my first morning when Valerie and I went down to Borough Market down by the southern end of London Bridge to get some fresh bread and groceries, as it so happens that we will have to cook for ourselves this year.

Me – disoriented, but happy to be back:

Fine cheese from France:

Amazing tasting Italian bread:

In the words of a Creole French girl: “Oh my god Cathrine, look at all these amazing spices and sauces!”

Will definitely try making Borough Market a weekly habit!