And so I find myself back in Norway, the Land of the Midnight Sun. The second I was back in Europe, Shanghai suddenly felt like a dream. I went to the local supermarket, and everything was exactly like it was when I left it on July 12th before heading to the airport. It was as if I had just blinked. The only signs indicating that I had indeed been to Shanghai were the fading bruises on my back from a night when I convinced Nik to do fire cupping with me, and a few yuan falling out of my pocket as I was looking for my Norwegian money.

It is just so incomprehensible that one second you are in a city of 20 million, and in the next you find yourself breathing in the fresh country air while surrounded by yellow fields. It is wonderful being back, but only for a few days. I love coming to Norway once in a while to see my parents, my friends and throw myself over the Norwegian/Scandinavian commodities I can’t get in London. But I know in my heart that Norway is not the place I will live and die in the end.

In my last blog post I was telling you about a new laptop. A lovely 17” that I got for my birthday, and which will be taking with me to London. So far I have been using my 11,6” netbook, which is great for taking to lectures and the library, but it is simply not powerful enough to allow me to make high resolution paintings in Photoshop. Hence, I needed this laptop, so that I can continue with my artistic obsessions in between my art essays in London. As I said, I hope it will define my future, in the sense that I can finally develop my digital painting skills.

It is beautiful and I love playing around with it – and unfortunately it is making me rather unsocial.

Me and the beginning of a sketch. I am trying to work out this new concept you see…hence she is green.

Now I have to go beautify myself. Ditta, Kristinur, Helenur and I are going to put on our little dresses and head to Studio Oskar to take some “friendship photos”.