It started out with Nik dragging me out for a pub crawl night to September 3rd to kick off my birthday. Pub crawls are not really my thing (it would be what we in Norwegian would describe as “harry”, without me being able to find a good English equivalent), but I was down for it anyway since I got to wear my Kanye shades…

Anyway, so here we are at the pub crawl…

…where this 25 year old marketing director from L.A (picture below, to the right) said he was “determined to seduce me by the time the night was up”, using lines such as “your hair smells of bed, and that’s good”  and “You could be the biggest slut ever, but there is just something so pure about you”. He also tried to bite my neck. I am not sure how I feel about that. But he was most entertaining. I think I shall call him…Zapp Brannigan.

After sleeping and going to work (where my lovely co-workers surprised me with a birthday cake!!), I took my friends out for Korean Barbecue:

Afterwards we went to M1NT, a trendy Shanghai member’s club with 360 degree views of Shanghai. Upon arriving we were stopped at the entrance and told we needed a reservation, but I just flashed my ID telling them it was my birthday. And what do you know, they let us straight through.

Upon entering we had to pass a 17 m long shark tank:

Nate stole my outfit, and we were just a big blob of turquoise the whole evening…

Enjoying our 90(!) RMB cocktails:

And…being on the 24th floor looking out over Pudong and the Huangpu river…behold the most spectacular cityscape in the world:

And THE FREAKIEST THING happened. I bumped into Alex, a coursemate from London!! We don’t have each other on Facebook, so we had no idea whatsoever that the other person was gonna be in Shanghai. She just approached me and said “Cathrine?!”. And I just shouted “NO WAY IN FREAKING HELL!!”.

In the end we went for shady, but cheap KTV:

(Looks like Nate is really hating my singing here…)

A most wonderful birthday, thank you all you lovely people who celebrated it with me! And thank you Zapp Brannigan for all the compliments, despite you probably being relatively drunk.