So here we are. Once again it is my birthday. I never particularly enjoy my birthdays, nor do I like announcing it high and low by hosting grand parties and sending out birthday invitations to all my Facebook acquaintances. For me, my birthday has always been the one day where I really sit back and contemplate, only spending the evening in the company of a few close friends. I don’t know why my birthdays make me so tense and uncomfortable, and I feel a need to hide from them. Maybe it because I never seem to think I have done enough with my life, and I seem to want to acquire the confidence and experience that most people do not achieve until they reach their 40s, while still being in my young, energetic body with a young, fearless mind.

I have promised myself one thing for my 22nd birthday, and that is to applaud my achievements rather than fretting over all the things I have not managed to do yet. I have never grown as much in one year as I have this year, and since turning 21 I have moved to London, acquired my very own flat in Marylebone, and lived and worked in Shanghai. It has been an excellent year’s progress, and I will take my Shanghai friends out to celebrate not myself, but life and the freedom to be everything that we can be. And I will tell myself that for a 22 year old, I actually haven’t done bad at all.

By the time I am 23, I want to have a portfolio of digital paintings which I will try to exhibit in cafés throughout London and Oslo. So stay put, because you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Happy birthday all you September 3rd babies out there!! Must your day be filled with joy and excellent company!