Yesterday was an especially exciting day for me as an art intern, as FEIZI Gallery held the opening reception for the new exhibition “Doom of Spring Flourish”, a Solo Exhibition of famous Chinese contemporary artist Luo Fahui, curated by well-renowned curator and art critic Wang Lin.

I took some photos of the exhibition before the guests arrived. The Chinese characters on the wall read “Luo Fahui zuopin zhan”, which basically means “An exhibition of the works of Luo Fahui”.

Luo Fahui with friends:

Me and the artist:

Mingling and socializing:

My main task for the evening was to take photos and document the event, but also to speak into the microphone in front of everyone translating all the speeches into English. As I do not understand enough Chinese in order to translate,  I was told beforehand roughly what everyone would be talking about. I felt slightly intimidated, especially because I was well aware that everyone would probably change their speeches mid-way and that my prepared translations would not fit at all, but as Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do one thing every day that scares you”. And trust me, nowadays I do, and it always works out as long as I have enough faith in myself and deliver whatever I have to say with confidence. Which I hopefully did.

It was a great experience being able to participate in the opening exhibition and all the preparations, and not to mention meeting such a famous artist as Luo Fahui! It was hard not to be completely starstruck and act like a complete fangirl. (You should have seen me the first time I saw an original Caravaggio, I was jumping up and down for minutes).