This morning after arriving at work, my boss called me and asked if I could hand out more invitations for our upcoming exhibition “Doom of Spring Flourish – Luo Fahui 2010” which opens next Wednesday. Basically what I have to do is to walk around and ask to leave stacks of invitations at various restaurants for guests to pick up. As we wish to attract foreign visitors with a lot of spending power, we are focusing mainly on expatriate areas like the French Concession, Xintiandi and Tian Zi Fang. Carrying 200 invitation cards printed on thick cardboard while wearing high heels was a physically tiring task, but it was a great way for me to go sightseeing, practice my Chinese and be allowed cappuccino breaks on the gallery’s bill. All the waiters in the restaurants were lovely towards me, appreciating my attempt to explain myself in Chinese, and curiously asking where I was from. I had so much fun, and I managed to rid myself of 260 invitations.

The French Concession, the former French settlement in the colonial days, where Feizi Gallery is located and which is now a popular hang out place for expatriates:

Tian Zi Fang, trendy restaurant and art neighbourhood:

The invitation card for “Doom of Spring Flourish – Luo Fahui 2010”:

I love this internship. I love trying out life as a Shanghai expatriate.