Work has become increasingly busy, and I am thoroughly enjoying it, despite being exhausted after having gone out for clubs and bars every single night for the past couple of weeks! (But if you can’t keep up this lifestyle when you are young, when can you do it, eh?). Our upcoming exhibition “The Doom of Spring Flourish – Luo Fahui 2010” is opening on September 1st, and a few days ago we received all the paintings from the artist:

It was a long strenuous job carefully unwrapping all the paintings and checking them for damage, but it was lots of fun just being able to marvel at them all the same, as I have completely fallen in love with the works of Luo Fahui. I honestly believe the exhibition is going to be a great success, and City Weekend even wants to print an advertisement for it in the upcoming paper version, which is great promotion for a small gallery like FEIZI! I have also been doing some promotion work myself, walking around Xintiandi asking various bars and restaurants in broken Chinese about leaving stacks of invitations for guests to pick up. Some say yes, some say no – but you just got to be pushy and ask everywhere and put on a charming smile.

Today more challenges came my way as I went with the gallery director to Dong Jiao Hotel, a Five Star Hotel on the Pudong side of Shanghai to take photos and measurements. In the middle of September, FEIZI Gallery will be holding an exhibition there, and as my bosses will soon go to Korea on a business trip, it is my job to choose the theme, paintings and display for the exhibition(!). Sadly I will have left Shanghai by the time the actual exhibition opens, so that I will not be able to behold the result of my efforts, but to be able to say that I have helped put up an art show in China will be amazing. I am scared and excited out of my wits, because lets face it – what do I know about opening an exhibition? But I am so grateful to my bosses for showing this much confidence in me and for giving me this opportunity. It makes me feel honoured, proud and thoroughly humbled. And not to mention delightfully petrified.

Coming here was definitely worth all this money – because this summer I am living out my dream life. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me.