This past weekend has been so sad. Next Step Connections has interns coming and going continuously, and us interns living in the Lujiabang/Laoximen area have become a pretty tight fun group in the short space of time that we have known each other. This weekend Perlin, Maurice, Yang, Brandon and Justine all left, meaning there is only me, Helene and Nik left of our old group. I have had such a good time with these people and come to care for them faster than I thought myself able to care for people – and it is heartbreaking to see them go and knowing that I might not ever see them again. Paying all this money to come to Shanghai was worth it just to meet these wonderful souls. Nik, Helene and I have decided to stick together and keep each other company, and attend all the NSC Socials on Thursdays in order to make some new friends.

For our last night of roaming the streets of Shanghai together, we went out for a delicious hot pot and later to a club called Richbaby

While waiting for our boys we decided to get a girl’s picture only (from the left: Perlin, me, Justine, Helene, Wei Zhao and Anna, our newest intern who arrived yesterday):

On our way to the club, we just had to demonstrate how French-Chinese suave Maurice has stolen every NSC girl’s heart…(“OH MAURIIIIICE!!!”):

Me and my girls Justine, Helene and Perlin in front of Richbaby:

With all these people having left, I suddenly feel it is time for me to go home myself. But I have important work to do at the gallery, and I shall hang in there for four more weeks!