As this is Perlin’s last week in China, we are making full use of the time left to pursue the various Chinese gastronomic adventures that she can’t get for the same price and quality back home. The other day we went out with our wonderful boys from Next Step Connections to devour something that is possibly even better than Korean barbecue – namely Beijing Duck, a famous speciality from the royal courts of ancient Beijing.

The duck is roasted in a closed oven and sliced in front of the diners by a cook:

The prepared roast duck in the middle, covered in lots of crispy skin:

Hungry and eagerly awaiting to dig in, with Jack already reaching out for the spoon:

Me and Perlin:

The duck is wrapped up in a thin steamed pancake together with cucumber, spring onions and a heavenly sweet bean sauce, and then usually shoved down in one go due to its deliciousness. Let me demonstrate how it goes:

I have only had one sole experience with Beijing Duck back home in Norway, and it was heartbreaking, seeing that they served the duck in Norwegian “lomper” (thich potato pancakes) instead of the traditional Chinese steamed pancakes. Luckily I can get pretty decent Beijing Duck back home in London, and now I think I shall invite all my London friends out to Chinatown one night!