Today I got to ride a sidecar around Shanghai! My room mate’s friend works for a tourist company called Shanghai Sideways, and my room mate was so kind as to ask him if I could have a little ride for free! It was so much fun – truly an amazing experience getting right down to the pulse of the city, feeling how high, fast, thrilling and delightfully crazy it is.

I felt cool beyond belief:

Until it started raining that is:

A busy Shanghai Street with Jing An temple in the background:

We exchanged smiles with this man, our fellow humanbeing in a kindred wierd vehicle:

Later my other roommate, Wei Zhao, joined us as well! In true Asia style, we managed to cram the whole party (rather unsafely) onto one little vehicle, and in true Asia style, the police was totally lenient about it:

Skip the tour bus and do this instead – you will feel so alive! And receive lots of stares from curious Chinese people wondering what the hell you foreigners are up to.