Friday night I went out with old and new friends from all over the world to a new nightclub called “Circus”. My friend Mong Shen, whom I met while living in Beijing, is also in Shanghai for the summer doing an internship – and he had managed to get hold of over 20 free drink vouchers for us to use at the club. In other words, we had to go there.

Circus is your typically Chinese nightclub – tables, lasers, dice games, green tea and dancing girls in (may I say) slightly tacky costumes. The dancing girls also sing, more or less successfully. I just wish they would not constantly remove the voices of Lady Gaga and Akon and replace them with squealing voices singing in slightly broken English “Damn I’m a sexy bitch” and “You’re not gonna reach my telephone”. Sometimes I don’t understand the Chinese nightclub culture…what, oh what is the point?

Here is Mong Shen and Rolf, my two friends from Beijing, together with two adorable Korean girls I met for the first time yesterday:

The Korean girls kept speaking to me in a flawless Mandarin which far exceeded my own – did not understand it all, but we became best friends for the night never the less:

And yes, that is my hand holding a Screwdriver…

And once again yes, that is my hand holding a shot of Bailey’s…

Circus is a beautiful club with lovely decor – however its donut shape results in it not having a proper dance floor. Despite the DJ blasting the speakers and the bartenders juggling with their vodka bottles, nobody actually got up from their seats. Most of the guests looked downright bored, and we were the only ones who attempted to get up and dance besides the dancing ladies. Well, at least we had a blast even though nobody else did!