So for the part of this world’s population that still believe “Chop Suey” and “General Tzu’s Chicken” to be genuine Chinese dishes – let me just say that you are severely mistaken, and that you should get on the next plane to China and observe the puzzled look on the waiter’s face when you attempt to order “Sweet’n’Sour” and “Chicken Satay”. What you think is Chinese food does not even exist in China.

Yesterday my roommates, their mutual friend Sha Sha and I went out for a meal consisting of clams, lotus root and frogs:

I am not going to be one of those countless people who all give the same answer after having consumed frog for the first time: “Oh it tastes just like chicken!”. Indeed, I will controversially say that it is more like a very firm chicken-coloured fish. It was definitely not bad, but there were lots of tiny bones, and as you bit off more and more meat, the general bone structure of the frog sort of revealed itself, and suddenly you just realized that “Heck, did I just down a frog?!”.

The clams and lotus roots were fantastic though. An endless sea of clams…