Just because China is Communist, don’t let yourself be fooled. It is one of the most capitalist places you will ever encounter, and Shanghai is the very symbol of Chinese capitalism. You can say it is the pride of China – a symbol of the country’s incredible economic growth and its peoples’ determination. It is hard to imagine that Pudong, where Shanghai’s impressive skyline is now located, used to be a vast farmland only twenty years ago. As politically incorrect it may be for me to say this, at least from a Western point of view, I believe this development could not have been possible without the efforts of the Chinese Communist Party. Yes, you can point to the lack of freedom (Facebook and Youtube are currently blocked in case you were wondering about my absence) – but when you are dealing with one billion people you have two choices: Introduce democracy over night and turn the whole country into turmoil, or rule with an iron hand, keep the government stable, and drag 250 million people out of poverty in less than two decades – something the “neutral” Western newspapers conveniently forget to mention amongst the articles on the suppression of Taiwan and Tibet. Yes, there are lots of things China needs to change, but it cannot happen overnight.  Sorry, but there is the harsh truth.

But that is enough politics for today, as I don’t want to go further into this discussion. I usually just end up getting the whole Western world against me, so…

Copy iPad anyone?