Saturday my roommates (Wei Zhao from Beijing and Perlen from L.A) and I went to the Shanghai Old Town and the Yu Yuan Gardens in order to get ourselves some soup dumplings. I naively believed going there would be a nice way to get away from the crowds and the busy streets…but basically we were like a bunch of ants swarming on top of each other fighting over food.

Shanghai Old Town – kind of like a Chinatown within a Chinese city, just that it has been infiltrated with Starbucks and Dairy Queen:

We decided to do things the Chinese way however, and went to a typical Chinese snack stall selling steamed dumplings and deep fried food on sticks. (Can you see that Chinese character on the lower right corner of the yellow sign? That is the sign for food on stick).

Basically the soup dumplings are steamed dumplings with soup inside that you drink from a straw. I have no idea what kind of soup I had, but I am guessing it was a mixture of crab and pork. It was pretty good at least!

This house here with the yellow flag is probably one of the most popular tea houses in Shanghai – it is always full:

Yu Yuan Gardens:

Pretty pretty pretty. But don’t come here on a weekend.