Today was a rather good day. Sunny, my Next Step Connections contact, took me to my workplace today for an orientation. I will be working at the Feizi Gallery on Fuxing Rd, a gallery aiming to introduce and promote the work of contemporary Chinese artists into the international market. It is an amazing place – the artwork is so airy and mesmerizing, you feel as if you have just stepped into eternal bliss:

The gallery is currently preparing to host a solo exhibition of the works of Luo Fahui. It goes by the really cool title of “The Doom of Spring Flourish”, and it is due to open on September 1st. As an intern it is my job to help design posters and pamphlets for the event, as well as making/serving cocktails to our guests and clients. I will also be doing some basic accounting and in general help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for our visitors, as well as establishing “guanxi” (connections). The internship is in English, however as many visitors are Chinese I need to brush up on my Mandarin skills fast. Hopefully I will be able to carry on a decent conversation by the exhibition opening so that I can make a good impression.

There are three other people working in the gallery – two women and one man, all in their mid-twenties. I showed up in a shirt and a skirt, having been told that the dress code was “business casual”. However, when I arrived I discovered that the dress code was rather relaxed, and I was told that I could even dress “sexy” if I wanted, as long as I avoided sneakers. So that means I didn’t need to change outfits three times this morning in the fear of not looking professional enough.

(I wanted a picture saying “Here’s me all dressed and ready for my first day at work!”).