Do forgive my awful lack of updates and for having vanished from the surface of the earth. I have just been immersing myself in the Scandinavian lifestyle, and I am loving every second of it. Everything is so green, so fresh, so carefree – and I am so lucky to have been born in such a wonderous place.

Did you know that if you are allergic to gluten in this country, you get a government subsidy to buy gluten-free food? And after giving birth, mothers are entitled to one year’s maternity leave? The less time I spend in Norway, the more I realize how awesome it is.

This is Karl Johans Gate – Oslo’s main street. In one end is the central station, and in the other end the royal palace…

…which I am posing in front of here:

Funnily enough, only minutes after taking this photo I bumped into Ari Behn – Norway’s most famous dandy and husband of Princess Märtha Louise. He was walking down Aker Brygge (the docks) with his daughter Maud Angelica. Aker Brygge is a lovely, vibrant place during the summer months – and a popular (and expensive) place for consuming freshly caught seafood. Here is me posing yet again, with the city hall towering behind me:

(Valerie, I thought of you when I saw this boat):

Nora being forced to pose:

Now I am gonna sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the bright summer evening and disappear yet again.