On this chilly, windy day I finally touched down in the Land of the Midnight Sun. From feeling like an ordinary, generic sort of person in the cultural and ethnic melting pot that is London, I suddenly felt extremely foreign and alienated on my flight to Norway,  finding myself swimming in a gene pool of tall, blue-eyed blondes.

I am walking around in a confused daze at the moment, trying to grasp the fact that I am back in Norway. It feels as if I have pressed the “pause” button for the urban girl-about-town in Swinging London, and once again pressed “play” for the Norwegian country girl.  Slowly I am trying to reassemble the pieces of my second life and pick up where I left it 6 months ago.

My house:

View from my house:

No I am off to try and sleep in my old bed again. Have to get up early as I am going to the Chinese Embassy in Oslo to apply for a Chinese visa. More about that later.