I can finally relax to a certain degree now – our tenancy agreement has been signed, the storage company have picked up my horribly heavy boxes, and my end of year interview with my department was very positive, my tutor being all smiles and saying I was doing very well overall, and that I am allowed to proceed to my second year at UCL. Hurray!

With this in mind, Valerie and I could say goodbye to London in style by going up on the London Eye, and acquire a certain touch of class to our otherwise silly and non-classy year. We splurged some money on Fast Track tickets, jumped the endless queue like only proper VIPs do, and got onto the eye of the world together with a bunch of hyperactive Hawaiian kids who trampled us down.

It was worth every single penny, and we could not stop marveling at the city that we have been so lucky as to live in this year. We could see the Houses of Parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Regent’s Park, Senate House, the Gherkin and even the UCL Cruciform Building. London, we salute you:

Afterwards Ewa came over to Connaught, and we watched the England vs. USA match. (Val’s shouting may have permanently damaged my ears). So much for class:

Suddenly I feel kind of sad about leaving London after all.