For a different sort of Friday night, Valerie, Henrik and I went to The Great May Masked Ball hosted by The Last Tuesday Society, a society “devoted to exploring and furthering the esoteric, literary and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond”.

The invitation went as follows:

Oh come all ye Faithful, Joyful and Triumphant, for their most Glorious and Decorated Majesties, their Excellencies The Tribune, Suzette Field & The Chancellor Viktor Wynd, request and require your presence at a Ball to end all Balls: The Great May Masked Ball in cavernous arches below where trains rumble at London Bridge.

Viktor Wynd’s Feast of Naked Boys & Girls:

The Chocolate Fountain of Gluttony:

Kink Ink Erotic Life Drawing:

“Decadence comes from the Latin word cadere – which means to fall. It is the beautiful way to fall”. – Viktor Wynd

True, oh so true.

Valerie and I are off to Italy now to chase Casanovas and attend operas in Venice and Verona – so I will see you all in a week!