We have successfully completed our first year at UCL! We are young, we are free, and it is glorious.

The following pictures are simply a documentation of pure joy of life with champagne and pizza in the beautiful Regent’s Park:

For some reason (either it was the bubbly or we are just sufficiently crazy anyway) we pretended to be beautiful woodland nymphs:

Lida the beautiful woodland nymph:

Cathrine the slightly clumsy woodland nymph:

Afterwards the girls decided they wanted to bathe in the fountains. I refused to come near the water, afraid someone had peed in it:

And then they realized:

“Oh god girls, this is so disguisting!!”

Lida: “Girls, I have to wipe it off, or else we will get pimples!”

Our elegant exit from Regent’s Park:

Ah, I love these girls! I am completely knocked out by the combination of sun and the champagne (clearly not the cleverest thing I have done), but the celebrations continue tonight…