Hello everyone! Just a little note to say that I will be back sometime after the 24th of May. Have been very busy lately being an adult, going on frequent visits to Saffron Lettings and the bank to deal with all the formalities that come with renting a London flat. Although there are a lot of check boxes that need to be ticked off and heaps of information which I must try to store in my little head, I am finding this whole process to be an extremely valuable and interesting experience, and I feel more mature now than I did a month ago.

In the midst of running around dealing with forms and documents, I have a Chinese written exam on the 24th which I haven’t studied enough for by far, mostly because I am feeling so incredibly fed up and more ready than ever to go home to the peace and tranquility that is Norway. I know I just have to hang on for 5 more days, but memorizing character upon character is an extremely monotonous task that really is making me lose the little amount of sanity that I have left…

However, enough complaining – I am taking you to lots of exciting places around London and England before I go home for the summer, such as Stonehenge, Shakespeare’s Globe and a Grand May Masked Ball near London Bridge! And then ladies and gentlemen, in June, Valerie and I are taking you on an epic journey to VENICE AND VERONA! So stay tuned!