Yesterday Ewa, Valerie and I went to  to look at some 3-bedroom flats to let for next year, seeing that the University of London kicks all students out of their halls of residence after one year in order to make room for new freshers. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having to look for my own place, but now the prospect has really grown on me. Living in a student hall has been an overwhelmingly positive experience (heck, I even enjoyed sharing a bathroom with 10 others), however it feels nice to be settling down a bit more and create a proper London home for myself where I can cook meals (read: order pizzas) and entertain guests. We are hoping to find something around the Bloomsbury/Fitzrovia/Marylebone areas, however you need sharp elbows when you have 30,000 other UCL students wanting the exact same thing…

So far it has been a frustrating rather than fun experience looking at flats, as the agencies have not lived up to our expectations. We have found lots of good flats on the internet and booked viewings for them, however when we actually show up for the viewings we are told that the flats have already been let, and are instead shown around properties that are either horribly dodgy, or way above our budget.

I am getting a tad bit stressed as we have to find something before we go home in a month, plus I have 1000 ++ Chinese characters I am supposed to be learning before my Chinese exams in 10 days. However, we are looking at some more flats today, so I am crossing my fingers and toes!

Listening to Faye Wong and C-pop, and trying desperately to bring out my Chinese genes in the midst of all the Norwegianess: