WE FOUND A FLAT!! I am ecstatic – it is absolutely perfect. The price is impeccable, even with utilities taken into consideration, and we could not have asked for a better location. The flat is less than a 15 minutes walk from UCL, and basically right next to Regent’s Park:

The neighbourhood seems to be a really nice and quiet area, housing both students and families alike. There is a nice local Food&Wine store nearby, as well as a larger Tesco approximately 10 minutes further down the road:

Here is our building! We are located on the ground floor, so no dodgy, smelly stairs to climb:

The flat is a 2-bedroom flat with a lounge converter containing a double bed, a desk and sofas. The lounge converter has a door, so it feels very private, and Val will take that room as she would like a television and some extra space. We will be using the lounge for movie nights and maybe sometimes for cosy weekend meals, but when we have our own guests or just want to watch a movie on our own, we will keep ourselves to our own rooms.

The lounge/bedroom which will eventually be Val’s:

The lounge converter leads out to a (potentially) lovely little garden patch which the landowner will tidy up for us. Val will be practicing badminton here, and I am hoping to grow some herbs in little flower pots like an old person:

Our kitchen is small but very clean and modern, and with a little table for us to eat our meals:

Upstairs are two equally sized bedrooms which Ewa and I will take. Because the rooms are so spacious, we will be able to fit some reclining chairs into them so that we can have our own little private lounge:

And finally the bathroom – once again not huge, but very nice and clean:

We spoke quite a lot to the current tenants who live there now (3 UCL students as well), and they were extremely pleased with both the flat and the landlord, so I am sure we will love it just as much! It is very sad to be leaving Connaught Hall, but we will make this a good home for ourselves.

I am exhausted now though. But relieved. I am so glad we grabbed this apartment now, because it would have been gone by tomorrow.