Yesterday was Election Day, and what an exciting one at that! However, while Bobby, Tarek and half the Singaporeans in my hall got to vote, I had to stay home and follow the thrilling race passively online as I am not an EU or Commonwealth citizen, and hence not eligible to place my X on the voting slip. I have never felt more excluded from British society in my life – however I decided to run down to Big Ben with Valerie and join in with what I though would be large fighting British crowds taking part of this exciting, historical election, as they viewed the incoming results being displayed on St Stephen’s tower for the very first time in history. (I know, can you believe that “Big Ben” is actually just the bell, and the tower is actually called St Stephen’s tower? I do not approve of it at all!).

It was all a major disappointment – we were the only ones there, except from a couple of Chinese tourists. And we were too early, the results weren’t even up yet…honestly Britain.

I think by the time we came, it had been confirmed that Labour had won the first seat in the House of Commons. Does it not look like the red circle is just barely touching the lower line??

It was much more fun to pose with the elephants. Currently there is an “Elephant’s Parade” exhibit around London featuring 250 fibreglass elephants painted by various artists and designers in order to raise awareness for the endangered Asian elephant. They will be auctioned at Sotheby’s in June, the money going to UK conservation charities in Asia. I want one for my London flat:

This morning Britain woke up to a hung parliament. Cameron and Brown are fighting for Nr. 10 Downing Street, and the battle for Britain is not yet over! These will be interesting days indeed.