Me as of this afternoon feeling pensive and nervous as I am doing some last minute cramming and awaiting to enter the examination room where I am to embark on my Methods and Materials for Artists’ exams:

I think I did pretty decent, however one can never tell with UCL, so I am not exactly jumping through the roof with confidence. I did everything I could at least, and I am alive.

Now awaits a weekend of pure hell – I have not yet begun revising for my science exam, and I have 48 hours to teach myself everything I can possibly learn about the organic chemistry of artists’ materials. In an act of desperation I bought myself a billboard. I remember Jackson Pollock saying about his action paintings that when he walked around his canvas and threw paint on it, he felt as if he became much more immersed in the painting process and was a part of the painting itself. So I decided I would try to apply this to my studies – rather than sitting in my bed, I will pace around the room and draw molecules and formulas on my white board. That way my studies will be a much more dynamic and engaging experience. Perhaps I am way out of line here but…

Hmmm, who do I remind you of?

So far I am loving the white board, it really makes studying so much more fun, in addition to me being unable to doze off as I am standing upright! I just booked my ticket home to Norway for June 14th (my god it is so crazy to think I will be going home soon), and now I am listening to Norwegian 70s anarchist rock (“Mamma Mannen Gav Meg Gonore”) and dreaming of home while skipping around and drawing molecules. Will probably be doing this all night. (Have I got a choice really?).