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This weekend saw celebrations across London in relation to England’s National Day – St. George’s Day on April 23rd. Valerie and I, who grew up in the two most National Day-oriented countries in the world (namely Norway and the US), were expecting a spectacle, and were hence extremely bummed and let down when we discovered how subdued the St. George’s Day celebrations actually were. Seems like the English are more patriotic during the football World Cup than they are on their own National Day. We decided therefore to take matters into our own hands and be a bit patriotic for them by buying ourselves flags for 50 p:

There were festivities at Trafalgar Square in the form of a free concert entitled “The Rhythm of London”. And I just love to observe how northern Europeans strip down at the slightest hint of sunshine:

Val and I were taken by this talented, good-looking twenty-something saxophonist…

…and were utterly ashamed when it was announced that he was only seventeen…

Afterwards we went for a little stroll in the sun and accidentally found Downing Street:

And The Mall:

We wrapped up our St. George’s Day celebration with sorbets by the London Eye:

London is simply glorious in the sun!