It is distressing to see what I am like nowadays, a hermit sitting in my room with my curtains closed to block out the sunlight so I can try to revise and forget that outside flowers are growing and birds are twittering. I am letting myself decay and rot away, living on olives, ten cups of tea a day and my last supply of Norwegian milk chocolate. Frankly if I died, nobody would notice.

It was at the nick of time that I got out for lunch in Gordon Square with my dear art history girls for fresh air, sunshine and some decent social interaction.

Back to my revising now. But relax…it might sound as if I am studying hard, but there is a lot of procrastination going on in there…if you don’t hear from me for a while, it is either because my life is so boring at the moment that I can’t be bothered writing about or bugging people with it, or it is because I died of malnutrition or lack of fresh air. However, while I am putting my life on hold for a few weeks, why don’t you in the meantime check out another blog I’ve started:! It is a blog where I will be writing little notes on art in all forms which I find beautiful, and it will mainly evolve around themes of Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.