The girl is back in the city, and for the first time in my life I am absolutely loathing it. I feel depressed and helpless in the urban landscape after twelve days in peaceful, tranquil Sweden, and the loneliness is creeping upon me after having gotten accustomed to having my wonderful boyfriend with me all the time. If I could only see my friends everything would be better in an instant, but with the majority still being gone for the holidays, everything awaiting for me when I got back to London was a rather large pending library fine (due to me forgetting to renew my loans online while I was away) and various assignment results. I’ve developed a slight paranoia, constantly thinking that UCL is out to get me, and I was awake the whole night worrying about my results and the fine (which increased even further by the stroke of midnight), and envisaging angry UCL professors telling me I didn’t belong to such an “important, prestigious university”.

While the sun is shining I am cooped up in my room revising, and to deal with my bad mood I seek refuge in doing random scrambling on paper or in Photoshop while drinking unhealthy amounts of Lady Jane Grey tea. I am glad that I am at least one of those girls who have hobbies and interests beyond my boyfriend.

Will go take a walk one of these days and take some photos. Need to go to a park or something. Somewhere peaceful.