At the moment I am spending my days alternating between being a loving girlfriend and an obsessive geek currently revising for my Science for Art Historians exam. This morning I went with Henrik to finally see his University College for the first time, and while Henrik was in his seminar I got to sit in the library to get some work done. I was positively stunned by the library, it was so fresh, bright and modern compared to the old, shabby and relatively cramped UCL libraries that I have gotten so used to over the past few months, and it was even equipped with reclining arm chairs! (Maybe just as well we don’t have those at UCL, would probably have fallen asleep every time I tried studying…).

Observe the geek studying the functional compounds of secondary and tertiary amines:

The worst thing is that I am actually finding chemistry to be extremely fascinating now that I am sitting down and taking the time to actually bother to understand it (unlike what I did during lectures), and I am having tons of fun looking at the structures of amines, ketones, aldehydes, alcohols and ethers. Poor Henrik actually had to force me from my laptop for us to start seeing season four of “24” at midnight as we had agreed, and he is now describing me as “jobbig” (troublesome).

Ah, the happy life of a student.