Sometimes I really think I am stupid. I was feeling utterly depressed this morning as I was packing my suitcase preparing to go back to London. I had had such a wonderful time in Sweden, and did not want to go back to the urban isolation of the city just yet. As I was packing my stuff I double-checked my ticket, and what do you know? MY FLIGHT WAS YESTERDAY!! I cannot believe how I could have been so wrong and delusional, I had even written in my calendar that my flight home was today! I am utterly ashamed as I always take great pride in maintaining full control over things, but I can at least congratulate myself that I checked the ticket now and not while actually AT the airport! However, I must admit that deep in my heart I was secretly thrilled that I had to stay on, and my dear Henrik attacked me with cuddles of joy. I’ve now booked a new flight home for Monday 12th instead, a date which I will by the way be writing on my forehead. God, I just hope they didn’t call up my name on the speakers at the airport…that would have been the height of shame, haha!

To “celebrate”, I finally dragged Henrik out for that walk in the woods I so wanted to take:

So uhm yeah…see you on Monday London. Mohahahahahaha!