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Been acting like a complete London tourist these days, and I must say I am throughly enjoying it. While we parked dad at a pub with his old uni mate (or shall we say he parked himself), mom and I went to Kensington Palace in Kensington Gardens (obviously) in the hunt for royal gossip and intrigues in the interactive “Enchanted Palace” tour where you basically get a map and have to search for the names and stories of the seven princesses who once lived there. (Diana and Victoria being two of them!). Kensington Palace looks rather plain from the outside, however it was pretty lavish on the inside, and with lots of artistic installations connected to the exhibition it was quite an enjoyable hunt!

I like to pretend that I am slightly more royal and important than I actually am in the midst of gallivanting around these royal palaces, however the closest thing to fairytale princess I got this time was when I had pigeons and animals coming after me. And they weren’t even following me because of my ethereal beauty or divine singing voice, they were only greedily hoping to steal food…

I really did fall in love with this little one though. I wish I could have adopted him, taken him home and cuddled him forever:

My mom and our little squirrel friend in front of The Orangery which is now used as the palace café:

The Sunken Gardens:

Had the weather been nicer we would have explored the gardens to a greater extent, but because dear old England decided to act all cold and windy on us, we ended up going for dim sum instead. Not that we were complaining – we were in steamed food nirvana:

Afterwards we managed to spend 2 1/2 hours in Marks & Spencer’s buying knickers and socks. Don’t ask me how. But I had a lovely day with my mom!