Being a student in London isn’t always posh and glamorous, and now with all the essay deadlines coming up this week, I am a complete physical and mental wreck with small puffy eyes and an unstable set of skinny legs. (I actually had to support myself against the wall as I was brushing my teeth this morning). I practically live on bread and water nowadays because I allowed myself far too much luxury the first two weeks of March (yes yes, I know I’m dumb), and I sit up basically every night because I have a nasty habit of not letting my essays go, and instead constantly rewrite and edit them. I always want to make up some revolutionary thesis as I don’t want to keep writing what has already been repeated into infinity by previous art historians, but it often results in me not quite understanding myself and all the pompous crap I’ve written. (Although, I have come to notice that at UCL there is a certain correlation between unintelligible pompous crap and high grades…).

For our last Thematic Seminar lecture today we went to the Richard Hamilton exhibition in the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park. Always nice to have an excuse to get out an about, however I didn’t get to see as much of Hyde Park as I would have liked to as I had to leave straight after my lecture to submit my painting for the National Portrait Gallery competition. However, I did find the time for some quick (very tired-looking) photos:

I found some extremely pretty random outbursts of lilac blue, and it made me smile:

The Serpentine Gallery:

Now I will hit the shower, have a power-nap, work on my science essay and meet up with my parents who flew into London this afternoon! So excited to see them again!!