Friday morning while still in a tired daze some extremely cheerful woman from Studio London called me up saying that my friend Bianca had signed me up for a photo shoot while having her own picture taken with them. Turned out she had signed up Valerie as well, and by doing so making us eligible for a FREE makeover consisting of a mini-facial, a make-up session, a hairstyling session, a photo shoot with 4-6 changes of clothes in various settings and champagne. (Thank you Bianca!)

Obviously we could not resist…

I have never worn such heavy make-up in my life. It honestly felt (and looked) as if I had dipped my head in a paint bucket, and I took it off immediately as I got home. However, the heavy make-up looked nice and natural in the strong photo lights, and were so happy with the final results! We were under no obligation to buy the photos at the end of the session, however you obviously want some after having spent the last 6 hours of your life being pampered and Photo Shopped. I am not even gonna reveal how much we paid for the photos, but luckily for us Valerie had a voucher she received ages ago giving us quite some lucrative discounts. We figured it was worth having some nice photos of our youthful selves, so that in 60 years we can tell our grandchildren: “Look, your grandma was pretty hot!”.

Now, no more glitter and glam for me. I have essays to finish.