A dialogue taking place in my room as Valerie and I were discussing what do on the reported upcoming Sunday of glorious sunshine:

  • Me: Valerie, lets go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Sunday!
  • Valerie: Awesome! I will text everyone!
  • Me: Oh dammit…it was last weekend….
  • Val: Oh…*Texts everyone to cancel*
  • Me: Hmm…what now?
  • Val: Hey! There is an outdoor chocolate festival this weekend! I totally need some chocolate!
  • Me: Awesome! Let’s text everyone!
  • Val: Ok, I’m on it!
  • Me: Here is the website!
  • Val: Wait, what…did you say it was THIS weekend?
  • Me: Oh darn! It is next weekend! *Texts everyone to cancel*

The moral of this ridiculous dialogue is my dear friends, always to check the dates of events before going all ballistic and texting your friends about the oh-so-awesome upcoming London happenings of the weekend. In the end we finally found something actually taking place this weekend – The Royal Horticultural Society’s London Orchid Show 2010 at Westminster. Orchids are both me and Valerie’s favourite flower, so the fact that we missed the Sunday St. Patrick’s Day parade or could not stuff our greedy mouths into some random chocolate fountain of delightful decadence did not have us moping for too long. It was especially pleasant for me to slip away from my “Science for Art Historians”-essay and the words oleic, linoleic, linolenic, saturated, unsaturated, conjugated, non-conjugated, oxidative, esters etc. for a few hours and indulge myself in what I really like – vibrant colours and the aesthetic and irrational rather than the scientific side of things. I know, I am a hopeless romantic, but how can you resist when so much exquisite beauty is before you?

Being at the Orchid Show was so much fun – not only were the orchids stunning, but it was so fascinating to observe all the stereotypical elderly and slightly posh Britons  with their hats and walking sticks enthusiastically discussing how to grow flowers:

Val and I have already decided to go to the Chelsea flower exhibition in May which is apparently the largest and most popular flower display in London. God, I really hope I can get a little garden patch next year!