I want to once again thank Valerie from the bottom of my heart for having encouraged me to paint an entry for the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait Award 2010 and for making me rediscover my skills and my hobby. After having lived in this world of delirium that is UCL and London I had not touched a paintbrush for months, I had almost forgotten that heck, I can paint. Even if this painting does not make it down to the last 50 which will be exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery (there are approximately a 1000 paintings submitted each year), it still means the world to me, because it reminds me of what I can do when I just put my mind to it, and it is the first painting I have ever grown to love.

Many of you have expressed your desire to see the finished result, so here it is. If you want to see the original do come to my room, because I really find that it does not look all that good when projected through photos, in addition to the dimensions of the real painting being larger than what it appears here.

Here is the painting from start to finish:

And the finished result:

For those who are wondering, yes do have a formal art education as I did art as a major in Upper Secondary. However, I do consider myself to be self-taught. Everything I have ever learnt about art has been a result of trials and failures ever since I was three, in addition to having a relatively well-functioning right-brain  (and a sadly underdeveloped left-brain…).

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