Yesterday Tarek, Valerie, Ewa and I dressed up like trendy Londoners and went to Notting Hill, which is (in the words of Hugh Grant) “A town within the town”. It was love at first sight, and Valerie and I, who have been previously championing our needs for getting a flat in Bloomsbury/Fitzrovia, are now claiming that we would be willing to walk to UCL every day if we could just have a flat and a garden patch in this oh-so-beautiful part of London:

“Cathrine, Cathrine – I want this house so badly!!”

After having browsed various antique shops and searched for houses to let, we had lunch at a rather hidden place called “Charlie’s Café”. It is now officially our favourite place for hot chocolate and coffee, their hot chocolate reminding me of the Norwegian “kakao” which is a lot less sweeter than the chocolate concoctions you get in England. If I could live in Notting Hill, I would never set foot in a Starbucks again.

I want to live in Notting Hill so badly!