Ewa contacted me last night, saying she needed me to hold the reflective light screen for her photo shoot of Rebecca in Regent’s Park. I happily obliged, desperately needing some sunlight and fresh air to rid myself of my sleepiness and headache. However, there was barely no sun, and it is hard to defy Ewa when she is in one of her artistic (read: dictator-ish) moods shouting “Cathrine, GIVE ME SUN!”. However, as the godly deity that I am, I actually managed to procure some for art’s sake.

According to Ewa I am a natural with the reflective screen, and completely indispensable (hihi). However, this time I had Jaffa cakes in by bag and was severely distracted:

But behold – a squirrel came;

Trying to steal my Jaffa cakes!!!!

When our model Rebecca had to change outfits in the bushes, it was my job to cover her with the reflective screen:

Always the reflective screen holder, never the model you say? Just you wait, my time to shine is coming in April! And I shall seriously consider sending those Jaffa photos of me to McVities Jaffa Cakes’ main office. I should seriously become their new spokesperson.