I demand respect and veneration from you all. I have written a 1000 word essay in Chinese – which mind you, feels like a book when you are told by the UCL Language Centre that it has to be handwritten. Obsessive and perfectionistic as I am, I sat up until 4 am carefully writing hanzis with my ink pen, aiming to have them look as pretty and orderly as possible. My chosen essay theme was “The History of Chinese Women”, a result of having read way too many feminist articles and books such as Jung Chang’s “Wild Swans”.

After 8 hours of continuous hard labour, there was nothing like bed, pink bedsheets with butterflies and my porn cat which I got from Henrik. (Everyone says it is a porn cat due to its main component being black latex…).

There are two weeks left to go of the second term now, and I must say we are all feeling the pressure as we have four essay deadlines coming up in less than fourteen days. I do try to enjoy and treasure every second of uni life, but I must sadly admit that I am not particularly enjoying myself at the moment. I find myself lacking in spirit, energy and passion, and I just want these two weeks of isolation and frantic essay writing to come to an end so I can welcome April with open arms and be out exploring this city that has stolen my heart. (I will need some breaks from my exam revising, don’t you agree?). In the meantime however, I will hang in there and try think of things to look forward to, such as Sunday when Ewa, Valerie, Tarek and I are going out for an early morning photography expedition in Notting Hill! It is going to be a mild and sunny morning, so I am really looking forward to getting some greats shots of us looking like urban, trendy Londoners walking in the footpaths of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts!

Another thing which I am really excited about is that my parents are coming over to London on March 25th! Been reading through Time Out’s “A 1000 Things to do in London” trying to find some nice places to take them, and checking the reviews for the various musicals I want us to see, at the moment being extremely torn between “Wicked”, “Billy Elliott” and “Chicago”. My parents will also be going up to Oxford for a day or two to see my aunt and Grandma, so I will probably join them. Oxford is such a beautiful town, I urge you all to go there if you still haven’t seen it!

Now I will be off to bed as I am planning on spending most of tomorrow in the UCL Main Library working on my Foundation Course essay on how the Romantic landscape paintings of Turner and Constable function as a critique of Modernism, followed by hot chocolate and an overload of cream and sugar at Costa Coffee to reward myself. If the people next door would just shut up, and the people below stop pretending they’re in a rock band. The charms of student accommodations, eh?

Gonna throw in a cosy picture from last weekend when my lovely knight in shining armour and I had dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant: