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After living like a hermit in my room for a week writing essays and panicking over schoolwork, I could finally go out to enjoy myself last night. Valerie’s brother Drew and his friend Kenard is in town, so the four of us went to the Comedy Theatre to see the modern adaption of Molière’s 17th century comedy/drama “The Misanthrope” starring Keira Knightley as the morally destructed American actress Jennifer, and Damien Lewis as the misanthrope himself.

We didn’t have seats, only standing places at the very top balcony of the theatre, so the stage was very far down. However, we got a pretty good view, and although I was very negative about having to stand for almost two hours, it turned out to be a lot less toilsome than one would anticipate. However, I felt a bit like a medieval peasant at the Shakespeare Globe hovering over railings to get a sneak peak of a royal show.

I shall admit that I wanted to see this particular play mainly because of Keira Knightley – simply out of curiosity and because it is always exciting to see celebs. I found her American accent to be a bit off, but she actually really excelled in the second act. From having had a slightly negative predisposition towards her, and I am starting to find that she is actually rather talented – or is at least is developing a lot. Damien Lewis was excellent as always and was really convincing as the troubled, artistic misanthrope. I’ve seen him in the television series “The Forsytes” and “Band of Brothers”, both in which he delivered a wonderful performance. All in all I really enjoyed the play, and I especially enjoyed the stunningy eerie Baroque music combined with modern techno played during the intervals, giving reference to both the play’s original 17th century setting, and the modern, contemporary interpretation. And I also loved it when I learnt that in (less classy) British theaters, they sell ice cream for you to enjoy during the show:

After a healthy dose of culture and posh theater life (with disposable lemon sorbets), we headed out to the O-Bar where we met up with Aga, Lida, Ewa, Ines, Bobby, Joao, Tarek, Krys +++. I had heard lots of good things about the O-Bar from Tarek and Drew, and it really was very nice! Funky and intimate at the same time, with spacious sofas, tasty cocktails (£6.50) and pretty chandeliers. Oh, and a small dancefloor in the basement as well!

And for my favourite photo of the evening:

Now I have to run down and let Henrik in! He is in London for the weekend!