There has not been a lot to write about lately. A weekend that was supposed to be filled with a visit to trendy Ruby Blue, a photoshoot at Notting Hill and Dim Sum in Chinatown was completely ruined by illness and rain, resulting in me spending the whole weekend rotting away in my room working on my Core Course essay where I have chosen to discuss the employment of Orientalism and Occidentalism in art. For my own sake I needed a quiet weekend to catch up on some school work and my painting, but on the other hand I was quite sad as I am always hoping to do something new and exciting every weekend that will get me to know London even better.

Yesterday was March 1st, and while that is still considered winter in Norway, I consider it to be the first day of spring in England. It is almost as if England felt so as well – because March 1st became the first sunny day in weeks! Happy Londoners were opening their jackets while sitting outside the local pub with a cigarette and a pint of beer in their hands enjoying the sunshine and the blue skies. This whole week is going to be sunny, and Lida, Valerie and I were so thrilled and cheerful today as we stepped onto the bus to Camden to visit the Real Estate agency Victor Stone to look at some London flats for next year!

We were shown some really nice properties, however as we are international students unable to move in before September, the selection was rather limited. Proximity to UCL is very important to us, and we are hoping to get a flat in either Bloomsbury or Fitzrovia. The dream location for me is Soho and the area around Leicester Square, but considering that all the Bloomsbury/Fitzrovia flats are already over budget, I am a far cry from such a luxury. Camden and Angel are apparently two new hot spots for students, but Valerie and I, “posh” as we are, find Camden to be rather trashy – the only things we associate with Camden being criminals and crack high bohemians. We have arranged for a viewing of three different Bloomsbury/Fitzrovia flats on March 16th, and in the meantime we are going to look for other agencies and discuss the various options we’ve got.

I feel so grown up, and I can’t wait to become a trendy Londoner with my own trendy London apartment!