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At 3 pm Valerie and I decided to rush down to Leicester Square to the one and only world premiere of Tim Burton’s new film “Alice in Wonderland”. We ran out in the pouring rain with only a small hope of seeing some of the stars – me especially hoping to catch a glimpse of my long-time favourite Johnny Depp. Before you get all excited, I must sadly admit that I did in fact NOT see Johnny – however I got to see his car and listen to hundreds of screaming female fans who shouted “Johnny Johnny” and “I saw him I saw him!”. (How I wish I could have been one of them).

On our way to Leicester Square I had been telling Valerie about Norwegian and Swedish teenage girls who gain fame and fortune through shallow fashion blogs, and how they are like annoying parasites who get invited to every single public and social event by the media. Who do you think I run right into at Leicester Square? VOE, the 14 year old Norwegian fashion blogger who, through writing about how to apply eyeshadow and curl your hair, is suddenly standing in the middle of Leicester Square with a camera and microphone ready to interview Johnny Depp. In am appalled. And insanely jealous.

Even though Voe probably will have close-up pictures of Johnny Depp’s nose hairs by tomorrow, I can at least provide you with some photos of the atmosphere at Leicester Square! In the end I had to give up and go home – realizing that in my life, I am more important than Johnny Depp. And even though I never got to see him, it was fun to experience a world premiere in a world metropolis!

And here are some photos of what went on a few meters away from me, on the other side of the enormous crowds: