Came back to wet, windy London at 3 am this morning, my flight being delayed by an hour and a half. After five days in Sweden of just bumming around with my boyfriend eating excellent food and watching Norway crush Sweden in the Olympics, it is hard coming back to the stressful life that I lead in London. I am one happy little Londoner, but right now I think it is getting on the verge of being too stressful. There is one month left of term, and I have two and a half art history essays and a Chinese essay due, I have to paint my painting for the National Portrait Gallery painting competition, Ewa and I have to start looking for a flat next week, I need to apply for additional internships, plus I have friends and social events I am supposed to attend. I really have to idea where to start- all I know is that this month I am going to have to be superwoman and get by with a minimum amount of sleep, and you “enthusiastic” readers out there will have to get by with less of my “thrilling” educational blog entries. The thought of lazy summer days in Sweden with Henrik keeps me going!

Otherwise I am having an inner debate with myself. Thursday is the grand London premiere of Tim Burton’s much anticipated “Alice in Wonderland”, and there is a chance Johnny Depp might show up at Leicester Square! I really want to go, but is it worth skipping lectures and hanging about like an idiot for 6 hours just to get a glimpse of a celeb that might come? Perhaps I can rush down after my Chinese finishes at 5 pm, but Leicester Square (which is rumored to be decorated in an “Alice in Wonderland”-theme) will probably be packed by then. The trials and tribulations of living in a big important city – there are so many events to attend for this pathetic die-hard celebrity stalker.