CASS ART on 13 Charing Cross Road, the branch closest to UCL.

As much as I love studying art history, I miss practical painting. I study all these works of art, and I ache to once again hold a paintbrush and let it slide over the canvas. I did art as a major in High School, and when I am seeing my old classmates back at home publishing their latest paintings and drawings on Facebook, I realize that I am losing the artist in me as I am always busy roaming around London attending lectures, social events, exhibitions etc.

When Ewa told me that CASS ART has a 75% discount on all art supplies until 21st February, I could no longer contain myself. I am a student with limited means, but I exploded. I can no longer lose who I am – I need my art to keep me alive and sane through this crazy, intense lifestyle.

The last year I’ve been experimenting with oil paints which allows me to paint in a very naturalistic manner, but I have come to realize that my busy schedule will not allow me to continue in that direction. So instead I bought colourful, fluorescent acrylics which are ideal for a quicker and more stylized way of painting.