Just came back from the post office where I posted yet an additional summer job application – this time to Norsk Folkemuseum (Norwegian National Heritage Museum). Trying to get my act together these days and do some serious research and application writing to land a summer job/internship. UCL has been stressing the importance of acquiring internships at various cultural institutions ever since we got here – if we haven’t done any art internships or art volunteering outside of university, we cannot expect to get a paid job after graduation. The art world is fiercely competitive, and the mere thought of all the assertiveness and experience I need is giving me a headache. Over the Christmas holidays I left summer job applications at seven different galleries and museums around Oslo, however I haven’t received any replies, as most of the museums weren’t advertising any summer vacancies. I do realize that Oslo is a dry market compared to London, but the wages in Norway are just so much higher than in England, and I take that into consideration. However, the chances of getting a paid art job without any previous experience are not high, so yesterday I decided that I might do something drastic. Very drastic. I found a company which provides guaranteed tailor made internships in either Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong, giving you the opportunity to work in a modern/contemporary Chinese art gallery with no Chinese language skills required. Chinese contemporary art is big business nowadays, and I am very interested in taking part of it in the future. The internship in Mainland China/Hong Kong is an unpaid job, but an extremely valuable and much-needed experience. Only problem is that it is going to cost me at least £4000 for accommodation, travel insurance, visa and flight tickets, which is more than what I pay for a year of tuition fees at UCL.

Should I dare do it? I know it is a LOT of money, but I can handle it if I make a lot of adjustments. I think the temptation might be too strong for this weak mind of mine to resist. Living in Hong Kong has always been a dream of mine, and as I have been strongly considering a job in the world of art business which is flourishing in Asia these days, this Hong Kong internship in could provide me with lots of  vital connections. I believe it really would be an investment in the future. In such a narrow field, one sometimes have to sacrifice a lot to gain in the end. If decide to go, I will do my internship in Hong Kong over a period of two months (or perhaps Shanghai which is cheaper, but not as desirable for me as Hong Kong), and then work intensely for two months in Norway, possibly with something non-degree related like going back to the bakery shop, just to desperately earn back some of the money I’ve spent.

Fuck this. I’m gonna apply. Like OMG seriously.