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Henrik just left for Stansted airport to catch his afternoon flight back home to Sweden, and I just came back from the post office where I posted some more summer job applications to art galleries in Oslo. Now I am sitting here in my room being just the sort of girl that I hate – moody, sulky and comforting myself with a bar of chocolate just because my boyfriend isn’t around. I am a very independent person relationship-wise, and I know that tomorrow everything is gonna be back to normal – however, the first day without Henrik always feels pretty glum and lonely, my room being disturbingly empty and quiet. I should be practicing for my oral presentation on Wednesday so I don’t spend 4 out of 8 minutes saying “uhm”, “eh”, “well”, “like”, “you know”. I just need a few hours to gather my wits.

Yesterday I took Henrik to see Tower Bridge and the Tower of London – arguably the most famous prison in the world, having accommodated many legendary executions, in addition to housing the country’s crown jewels. I am the biggest sucker for British history ever, having been intrigued by the tales of blood, gore and royal intrigues ever since I was a little child. I have watched the whole of David Starkey’s “Monarchy” on BBC, and I have read the biographies of Elizabeth I and the six wives of Henry VIII. You can say I am a bit of an expert on the subject, and I was practically jumping up and down with excitement every time the Yeoman Warder was about to tell another morbid tale from Britain’s bloody royal history.

The White Tower

This friendly and hilariously funny Yeoman Warder guided us around the Tower.

Inside the Bloody Tower where the two little princes disappeared.

Henrik enjoying gory tales and my excellent company.

Giving my favourite bridge some love.

I will try to stop sulking soon and get on with my work. After an episode of “Family Guy” and a chocolate bar.