The view from my room! The roof of the dining hall and the exciting beyond.

I look crap. I feel crap. Was supposed to go for an intense 9 am shopping session at Primark with Lida, but my maker wanted it differently, and decided to turn me partly bedridden and miserable for the day. I had to see myself defeated and rainchecked Primark, but had no choice but to roll out of bed and drag my sorry body to the main library in order to return some books due so I wouldn’t get fined, in addition to picking up a book at the Science Library for my upcoming essay. Buried my head inside my hoodie, hoping that nobody would compare me to the stylish UCL girls, a term which definitely did not include me today. After that I went to Boots on Tottenham Court Road to pick up some nasal spray, because life just gets so much more fun when you can breathe. My nose is seriously so stuffy I could have gone a whole week without showering, and I would not even have registered my own stench. The lady behind the counter was going on and on about the possible dangers and implications of nasal spray, and although I appreciated her warnings, I wanted to scream “I grew up with a freaking doctor in the house, I know what the implications of nasal spray is, so just freaking give it to me!”. However, I just smiled and nodded, trying to not take my bad mood out on the poor woman. Also grabbed myself some lunch – and that is really one of the things I love about England – you can buy snacks, salads and sandwiches at the retail pharmacy. Yay for not having to walk the ten extra meters to Tesco’s!

A rainy and quiet Monday morning on Tottenham Court Road.

My uni practically owns Bloomsbury

When I got home again I did my laundry which had been intentionally ignored for days, and took a little nap while waiting for my clothes to dry. The rest of the afternoon was spent lying in bed with my laptop working on my Foundation Course essay, where I am  to Discuss the depiction of the human body in terms of the tension between ‘ideal’ and ‘real’, with reference to specific sixteenth- or seventeenth-century works (paintings, prints or sculpture) and their functions. Have had a complete writer’s block for days, just doing aimless research on any topic relating to the human body, both within artistic, scientific and anthropological frameworks. However, today something was triggered in my brain, and I wrote a page of the most pompous, ridiculous, scholary English I’ve ever written so far in my life. (For somebody who never did IB, academic English is a relatively new principle to me).

Ok, so it doesn't make all that much sense. Relax relax, it is to be heavily edited...

Decided to be unsocial for dinner, and took my food up to my room. Vegetable Stroganoff, which I have no idea how tasted, as I am experiencing a temporary loss of taste correlating with the loss of smell. Will go back to bed now and continue with my essay and scholary English. I’m actually enjoying the writing process a lot today, and if I am a good and efficient girl, I shall treat myself to a couple of episodes of “Sex and the City” before calling it a night.

Found some new and much needed sneakers at OFFICE at the Brunswick centre! Reduced from £50 to £30! I can't wait to take them out for summer walks in the park.