Yesterday some of us art history girls went time travelling at the Renaissance Rooms, a roller disco venue at Vauxhall. Go back to the 80’s, put on those neon spandex, do like your parents and get yourself rolling to some serious 80’s hits! I can guarantee you that it is going to be a bizarre, surreal experience – I never thought I could actually be fooled to believe I had travelled back in time, but I was.

In my personal opinion I think the 80’s is the worst decade in terms of fashion, home interior and general notions of aesthetics, and I am actually ashamed to be born in this era of shoulderpads and tackyness. Thank god I grew up in the 90’s and 00’s and did not spend the best years of my life looking like a walking pair of spandex having dived in a neon painbox. (Instead I just walked around flashing my bare tummy, imitating the Spice Girls and spending the mid-90’s wanting platform shoes more than anything else).

I urge you all to try out this wonderful invention of rollerdisco – there really is no excuse not to try it! The level of skaters range from super-cool-and-professional-look-at-mes to help-me-I-can’t-even-move-forwards-let-alone-stand-upright, and the general dresscode is as garish as you possibly can, meaning there is no way you can look ridiculous in such an environment! You will also find it to be the most civilized way of clubbing you have ever experienced. Guys cannot grope you because you simply roll away from them, and neither can anyone drink too much, as that would result in a pile of drunken rollerskaters with broken limbs in the middle of the dancefloor. Go, and you will have one of the best nights of your life, in addition to the best workout ever! The Renaissance Rooms have definitely not seen the last of us!