Yesterday I went for a little solitary morning walk in Regent’s Park, if you, as I, choose to define 11 am as morning. Wanted to breathe in some fresh air (or as fresh as you can get it in London) while clearing my mind of the happenings of this crazy week. Relations between people have obviously changed drastically over the holidays, and all around me I see break-ups and tensions, resulting in a hectic week of many sad, but also thoughtful, interesting and surprising conversations. It has been challenging to digest it all and at the same time remain dedicated to my studies – despite me just being a person on the outside looking in.

It was one of my best mornings so far in London. I forgot how wonderful it is to do things on your own and to enjoy your surroundings in your own phase. I find Regent’s Park to be wonderful despite its grey appearance in winter. Everything is dead and silent, but you know it is decieving you – not long before the calmness bursts.

Now I am going to go pick Valerie up for dinner before continuing with my studies. Decided to attend a Rollerblade Disco at Vauxhall tomorrow, which means I have twice as much work I need to get done today. Have to read some articles on the ethics of display for Friday’s Core Course, in addition to begin my research on the Foundation Course essay. I think I will either go for topic 1: Discuss the depiction of the human body in terms of the tension between ‘ideal’ and ‘real’, with reference to specific sixteenth- or seventeenth-century works (paintings, prints or sculpture) and their functions OR topic 2: Describe the development of eighteenth-century art criticism and its role in the formation of a public sphere. No matter which topic I go for, it is deemed to be challenging, but I am very excited about the assignment and can’t wait to get started! (Oh god, listen to the geek…).